FOODAM | Food Design & Art Museum

Big Burger by Tjalf Sparnaay 2015, 180 x 120 cm, oil on linen. Courtesy Bernarducci Meisel Gallery New York

Food and Enjoyment Beyond the Pleasure Principle – Call for submissions.

During MILAN FOOD CITY (4th to 11th May 2017) FOODA will present an exhibition, a conference and who knows what else on the relationship between food and enjoyment.

We invite artists, philosophers, actors, scientists, patrons, researchers, designers, musicians, poets, lovers … to show their interest to participate actively with their bodies and with their mind, with their resources and with their knowledge to the event . Everything is still to be defined: we are open to any suggestion, proposal and project.

The enjoyment – here and now – is the fundamental promise that food “objects” and food “experiences” make us every day. We enjoy the origin, the exclusivity, the rarity, the availability, the shape, the texture, the setting, the image… but, do we really know what it means to enjoy food?

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